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The Vital Mama
Krystal Ross, BS, CNC.
Certified Nutrition Consultant & Holistic Health Counselor






The Vital Mama
Krystal Ross, BS, CNC.
Certified Nutrition Consultant & Holistic Health Counselor






full of energy, lively, energetic, spirited. 

Absolutely necessary or important; Essential.

Let Food
Be Your Medicine.
- Hippocrates

Food Philosophy:

Eating whole foods nourishes YOUR body, mind and spirit!  Biochemical Individuality: YOU are unique and there is a nutritional plan that is perfectly suited for your body, mind and lifestyle. Together, we will find YOUR balance that works best for you and your family.

Food sensitivities, vitamin deficiencies, toxicity, fatigue, sleep disturbances, hormone imbalances, digestive disorders...what lurks beneath those “I feel off” symptoms? I can help you uncover the root cause of those "I feel off" symptoms and heal those imbalances through personalized whole-food nutrition, movement and environmental cleansing.

As a holistic health professional; I am passionate about educating and supporting YOU.  My goal is to guide, educate and empower you to be your BEST self and live the life that only you are meant to live.

I am honored to walk with you on your journey to health and vitality. I support ALL dietary preferences from vegan to Paleo.  My passion is to help you listen to your body and begin to eat intuitively while nourishing all parts of yourself.

Creating an Empowering Environment For Increased Health, Vitality and Personal Growth


My energy level increased, my stress level decreased, and my overall health improved — so much so that we decided to expand our family once again!
— Ashley

Holistic Health


Let Me Guide You to Feel Whole Again



Holistic Health


Let Me Guide You to Feel Whole Again



The body, mind and spirit are all interconnected.

Holistic health (or holistic medicine) is a diverse field of alternative medicine in which the “whole person” is focused on, not just the malady itself. The holistic concept in medical practice, which is distinct from the concept in the alternative medicine, upholds that all aspects of people’s needs including psychological, physical and social should be taken into account and seen as a whole.

At the deepest level of being, we are one with all that is.

We live in a web of connections. We are wired for community and it takes a village to heal.

When I work with clients, I listen to their concerns and design a personalized plan to fit their needs.  During this process, I take the client's past history, current diet & lifestyle and health goals into account when making recommendations.  I offer education, support, and guidance while going at the client's pace. I strive to build rapport to provide a safe place for healing, exploration & rejuvenation.  My ultimate goal is to connect with each person I work with, find the root cause of presenting symptoms and work together harmoniously to better overall mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and happiness.

My purpose as a nutritionist & holistic health counselor is to give you the tools you need for self-healing.  I will educate you on natural health modalities combined with modern science to help you reach your fullest potential.  I look forward to working with YOU!

"Focus on bringing in the light; not trying to conquer the darkness." - DEEPAK cHOPRA

Throughout, Krystal was warm, sympathetic and proactive in researching possible solutions. I always looked forward to my sessions with her, even when I wasn’t feeling well.
— Carrie

Living Clean


Green. Organic. Pure. Beauty.

Living Clean


Green. Organic. Pure. Beauty.

skin + body care

Our skin is our largest organ, and it is highly absorptive.  Therefore, it's important to use cosmetics & body care products that are clean & green.  

I'm a licensed esthetician

I have learned about all kinds of skincare products and makeup on the market. Some of them are labeled organic or professional-grade, yet are full of harmful toxins.  As I transitioned into the world of holistic nutrition, I studied several products and came up with my favs!  When I give organic facials, I use clean products that leave you with glowing and fabulous skin.  

I have TWO simple rules

#1- I must be able to identify all of the ingredients on the label

#2 - It has to WORK or it's useless!  

In our modern world, there are dozens of completely natural products that work as well as their toxic counterparts and also benefit YOU and the environment.  I will guide you through how to balance your skin with natural products, what kinds of natural remedies can reduce wrinkles, cure acne, ease dry lips and the best make-up for natural or glamorous looks.

Contact me for a complete body and skin consultation.

Natural medicine cabinet

Our medicine cabinets and first aid kits are a common place to find toxins and synthetic ingredients. But, there is a simple solution: therapeutic-grade essential oils! I teach you how to utilize the power of plants, which is what our ancestors used to treat ailments.  Relaxation, mental focus, boosted immunity and reduced pain can all be accomplished by using essential oils.  Oils help everything from bug bites & burns to digestion and clear skin.  However, all oils are not created equal.  Many oils, even ones labeled organic, are not regulated or tested and are cut with alcohols or other substances.  I highly recommend doTERRA essential oils because they are tested thoroughly and offer purity that goes well above and beyond FDA regulations. 

I use
safe, pure
& potent essential oils

Check out my website of therapeutic-grade doTERRA oils here. 

I can help...

I provide my clients with a complete list of products to avoid, as well as natural alternatives that effectively kill germs, clean glass and keep counters safe to eat off of.  Cleaning out these toxic substances and replacing with natural ones can bring your living environments into harmony with your greater health and wellbeing.

Contact me to help you remove the toxic substances from your home and office.   

She took time to get to know me, and understand how to challenge me while still staying realistic. After only a few sessions, I started to feel healthier than I ever had before.
— Lauren
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What is Holistic Nutrition and how is it different than a Registered Dietician?

A registered dietician (RD) is a food and nutrition expert who must meet strict educational requirements and pass an exam to become licensed. RDs can take insurance since they are licensed by the state.  Most RDs work in doctor's offices, hospitals, clinics and public health (administrative).  RDs are more clinical and typically follow MyPlate and USDA regulations. Most RDs do not offer a holistic and integrative approach to overall wellness.

Nutritionist is an unregulated term. Some nutritionists have no education, some have certifications and some have bachelors and masters degrees (I have a Bachelors in Psychology and a certification in holistic nutrition. My certification course from Bauman College was two years (600 hours) and as intensive as my college coursework).  I was at a crossroad after earning my Bachelors because I wanted to be marketable and credible, but my heart wanted to study the body and mind as one. I was not interested in working in a clinical setting.  My decision to go college for holistic nutrition changed my life, and I have so many amazing people find their balance, inner peace and heal their bodies. 

My approach is integrative, which means I look at you as a whole person: your current diet, lifestyle, childhood and family history, stress levels, relationships, financial well-being. I seek to find underlying causes for your health concerns and correct those imbalances through whole food, movement and lifestyle medicine. I am here to support and guide you. I differ because I honor YOUR BEAUTIFUL INDIVIDUALITY. 

What does a nutrition consult entail and how long is the consult?

The initial consult is typically 1-1.5hours. We discuss your health concerns in detail, family history, childhood history, review of any recent lab work or testing, your likes/dislikes, your goals, passions, what has worked and what hasn't and what you hope to gain from working together. We can also record your blood pressure, weight, BMI and body fat %, if desired. From there, we come up with a personalized, feasible plan for YOU, which includes diet, lifestyle, supplement and herbal recommendations.  Follow-up sessions include discussion of challenges, successes, questions, concerns, new/updated recommendations moving forward and support and long-term maintenance.

What does your Vitality Package include and how long will we work together?

The Vitality Package is the most recommended. It includes an initial consult with 3 follow-ups, email check-ins and written recommendations.  The average time working together on this package is two months.

How often should I meet with you?

That depends. If you're seeing me for a nutrition package, I recommend every 2 weeks to stay on track and motivated. If you're seeing me for reiki, then I recommend every 2-4 weeks or as needed.  Some clients have weekly sessions. It all depends what feels right to you and what fits your budget.

Can we meet in person or on the phone?

All consults are via phone with email correspondence.

When will I start to see results and improvements?

Everyone is individual. Some clients see results within a few days or weeks and some clients see improvements in health conditions (high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.) in 2-3 months.  Every health condition is unique, and I honor each person's body and pace that they're comfortable with.

Do you order testing?

I do order blood tests for stress hormones, vitamin D, food sensitivity panels, candida overgrowth, and methylation defects.  These tests are not covered by insurance, and I do NOT charge extra for the tests. They range from $200-$800. Currently, you can either drive to a lab who we coordinate with (closest to CT is RI) to get your blood drawn at no extra cost OR we can schedule a phlebotomist to come to your home at your leisure for $60.  Results are received within 7-10 days. I can also refer to local Naturopaths who order more in-depth testing.  I consult with MDs (with your permission) to review lab results.

Do you recommend supplements?

I use Designs for Health, which is a reputable, science-based supplement company that only MDs, NDs and nutritionists can recommend to their patients/clients.  Some supplements I recommend short-term to be used therapeutically and others I recommend long-term depending on the client's needs and health state.  However, I always recommend Food as Medicine first.  Unfortunately, most of our food (even organic) is low in nutrients and supplementing is key for optimal health.

Do you work with children?

I work with teenagers 14 and older with a parent's consent.  I typically recommend a parent and child have a session with me, so we are all on the same page.  For children under 14, I work primarily with the parent to implement changes for their child.

Do you accept health insurance?

Insurance companies do not cover my services (one day I hope they will!).

Do you communicate with medical doctors and therapists?

Yes, I am happy to communicate with your doctors and therapists with your consent. The most effective health care plan is when all practitioners work together for the optimal plan for our clients!