Krystal Ross, BS, CNC.



Krystal Ross, BS, CNC.


my life’s purpose:

To guide, heal, inspire, uplift and motivate you to become who you are meant to be.

To help you align with who you are.

to remind you of the light, wisdom and innate healing ability within you.


My passion & specialty is supporting individuals who want to cultivate a life filled with joy, passion, authenticity, self-awareness and courage. Through nurturing your intuition, being in alignment with WHO YOU ARE and what you desire; you will be the best version of your unique self and thus attract all of the things you want out of life: the supportive and intimate relationships, the healthy body, the vital energy, the emotional stability, the flow and ease in your everyday life, the ability to bring your dark moments to light and anything else that lights you up!

We All Need Support & Guidance…

  • Do you often try to do it all, put yourself last and are completely burned out and EXHAUSTED?

  • Do you feel like you give and give to be left depleted, resentful and overwhelmed?

  • Have you lost touch with your connection to what your heart, soul and body needs?

  • Do you have limiting beliefs around receiving love, joy, health & wealth?

  • Do you feel stuck in your dominant, “do, do, do, achieve, just keep grinding” attitude?

  • Do you feel like you are going through the motions of the daily grind and your hopes & dreams are passing you by?

If the answer is yes; I can help.

It is time to bring your darkness, pain, worries and fears to LIGHT in order to be released and create something NEW. Once you operate from your new normal based on what you actually WANT; then you will begin to cultivate a life you love.

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Work with Me

Are you COMMITTED to creating a new level of energy, passion and self-awareness to become centered and grounded in who you are and what you desire?

Are you WILLING to do what it takes to become the best version of yourself?

TAKE THE LEAP and step into my healing container of unlimited support for 3 months.

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