The Vital Mama
Krystal Ross, BS, CNC.
Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Where Modern Science Meets Holistic Health



The Vital Mama
Krystal Ross, BS, CNC.
Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Where Modern Science Meets Holistic Health


Mission Possible:

To become healthy, balanced and intentional with yourself, your children & your family. 


My passion & specialty is supporting mamas who are striving for better health, more mindfulness & compassionate relationships with themselves, their children and their families. My goal is provide empowering tools, education, accountability and guidance when it comes to nourishing you and your children’s bodies through whole-food nutrition, intuitive eating, balance and moderation.

#momlife reality:

The struggle is real.

Where my ladies at?! As women and mothers, we often:

  • Put ourselves last

  • Try to do it all

  • Fly by the seat of our pants

  • Are over-worked and underpaid

  • Spread too thin

  • Exhausted & completely burned out

  • Overwhelmed

  • Stressed

  • Imbalanced

  • We eat off our kid’s plates because let’s face it; we made that food and our brats didn’t eat it…why should it go to waste?

  • We have negative self-talk

  • We have comparison syndrome: we compare ourselves to other women & moms. Why do they have it together, and I can barely through the day - let alone follow my dreams?

  • We say we don’t have time. This is a classic. NEWS FLASH (don’t hate me!): WE DO HAVE TIME. We just need to prioritize.

We are walking zombies when our babies are born…basically for the first year of the little nugget’s life. We are up to our eye balls in dirty diapers, are lucky if we get a shower and wash the baby food out of our hair; let alone plan, shop and prepare healthy meals? Say WHAAA?

We do a happy dance when we can go potty and not be interrupted by a toddler screaming for more cheerios. We rejoice when we have a moment to catch our breath before we are running to the next piano lesson or soccer game. Everything feels like it’s moving 100 miles per hour, and we are trying to stay afloat.

We love our littles SO much that we feel stressed about every parenting decision. We feel overwhelmed with information and life, yet we won’t ask for help and when we do ask for help; we feel guilty for it. We want to feel energetic, workout and prepare healthy meals. We want our kids to eat what we eat. We are tired of preparing two meals. We want our kids to eat healthy. We want it so badly, but it doesn’t happen. We are in fight or flight, getting by, doing our best. We TRY to give our children a healthy meal and they throw a fit; so we typically decide it’s easier to give them what they want. Tomorrow we will start doing better. Tomorrow never comes…and we feel helpless, overwhelmed, burned out, frumpy and disappointed in ourselves. Sound familiar?

And the mommy guilt…HOLY MOMMY GUILT!! WHY do we have so much mommy guilt?

Essentially, we are surviving. I’m here to guide you from surviving to thriving.


If the answer is YES; I believe I can help. I have been there. I am STILL there. I get it. I have a 4-year old. At the end of the day; I believe we can make positive changes for our health and our children’s health…with a little bit of grace, compassion, self-love, structure & priorities. No one is perfect. We all fail. We all have bad days. We all have setbacks and meltdowns. We all yell at our kids from time to time (I mean come on now…when your kid says mom, mummy, ma, mum, mama, mom 24567 times, sometimes we lose our cool).

We also all have the ability to heal, grow, become more whole and balanced, be more intentional and honor our wise intuition with ourselves and our children. It is OUR DUTY to take care of ourselves. Trust me; your family will thank you for it =)

My mission is to EMPOWER mamas to be healthy, mindful, intentional and engaged with yourself and your children. You will be given tools, education, support and structure to create a sustainable nutrition & lifestyle plan that ONLY YOU LOVE. We will seek to create balance and flow in all areas of your blissed out life with an emphasis on a few main areas:

  • Flexible priorities: creating solid priorities and then being able to roll with the punches (cuz let’s face it; you have kids & they ruin everything. Kidding…kind of :)

  • Developing intuitive & mindful eating and utilizing it to create nourishing meals that you & your family will totally dig. We will also emphasize the importance of establishing strong family eating habits out the gate that will last a lifetime. This will include creative ways to support your children’s healthy eating habits for balance, moderation & diversity.

  • Planning, Structure & Accountability to create sustainable habits that become you and your family’s “normal” lifestyle. Planning is half the battle! Structure and consistency are KEY with meal planning, with ourselves and with our children.

Holistic Nutritional Consulting will include:

  • Personal Health Assessment

  • Whole-food nutrition plans personalized for you and your family

  • Gentle body, mind, emotion & environmental cleansing

  • Movement recommendations

  • Stress Management

  • Holistic tools: meditation, journaling, essential oils, personal development, deep breathing, reiki

  • Professional-grade supplements (if necessary)

  • Identifying nutrient deficiencies and underlying health concerns/imbalances (if necessary)

  • Accountability, structure, clarity, inspiration, guidance, awareness and health education.

I am honored to walk with you on your journey to balance, health and vitality. I support ALL dietary preferences as long as it supports whole foods across the board.  My passion is to help you listen to your body and begin to eat intuitively while nourishing all parts of yourself. And then, in turn, creating a healthy relationship with yourself and your children.

Creating an Empowering Environment For Increased Health, Vitality and Personal Growth


My energy level increased, my stress level decreased, and my overall health improved — so much so that we decided to expand our family once again!
— Ashley

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