Krystal Ross, BS, CNC.

Holistic Nutrition: Bauman College 2012-2014
Graduate Program: Wellness & Health Education: Skidmore College 2009-2010
Master Usui Reiki Practitioner: Reiki Institute 2010
Psychology, BS : Southern Vermont College 2004-2008


I'm Krystal

I do what I love and love what I do!

What truly sets me apart is my shiny, smiley personality, my open heart, my goofy jokes, my kind and gentle yet direct and honest nature, my obnoxiously positive outlook on life, loads of education, experience and holding you accountable to make lasting positive change in your life.

I love my kids to pieces, and thank goodness for my incredible & supportive husband who keeps me on my toes. I love staying active, being outdoors, exploring, spending time with friends and family, reading, writing, good food and dark chocolate! I love the spirit of Christmas, laughing until I tear up, soaking up the sun, being silly and having fun. I spend my time continuing to get to know myself, heal, grow and learn as I expand my personal, professional and spiritual awareness. I strive not for perfection, but for self-love and compassion in everything I do!

My Story

Sh*t just got real...

I was an unwanted pregnancy.  My parents were two party animals not looking to settle or calm down their substance abusive lifestyle for a little tike like me.  I was born C-section, never breastfed, given cereal at 10 days old to "sleep better" ( which by the way, is a total myth and terrible for a baby's under-developed gut - causes allergies and other issues down the road).  When I was 3, I was ripped from my mother and put into a foster home to later be adopted by my biological father and step-mother who were also substace addicts. They did their best.   When I was 14, my father and step-mother were incarcerated.  I then moved in with my best friend's family who nurtured me like their own.  I went to college, strived to be a better person, received counseling and healing from various modalities and eventually decided I needed to make some serious changes in my life - emotionally and physically. 

This story isn't a SOB story.

I am actually grateful for my experiences.  This story is to show that you CAN change despite your circumstances. You CAN learn, grow, heal and be healthy and strong!  We all have the innate wisdom and power within us to become the best versions of ourselves and live a fulfilling life.  We just need guidance & support to light the way, and that is what I am here for!

As a child I grew up eating junk food: pizza, fries, soda, chips, candy.  Between my troubled childhood & habitual junk food binging; I developed an eating disorder when I was 13.  I eventually overcame the eating disorder through counseling, but I had lasting digestive issues that I couldn't seem to heal.  I tried everything from peppermint gels, charcoal, and digestive enzymes to eliminating gluten & becoming a vegan. Nothing seemed to help. 

I strived for good health but it was nowhere to be found. I felt helpless.

When I was in college, I overindulged in alcohol & junk food without making the connection to my additional 25 pounds, extreme fatigue and inability to concentrate.  I had PMS, severe mood swings, sleep issues, anxiety, depression, insecurity, excessive gas & bloating, bad breath, acne, dry skin, neck/shoulder tension and an unhealthy relationship with food.  I went to doctors, and they told me it was all in my head and then prescribed me muscle relaxers, stool softeners and anti-depressants, which all exacerbated the problem.  

I finally moved to California with my husband and started school for holistic nutrition.  As I moved through the program, I began to implement what I was learning.  For once in my life, I felt awake!  I began having more joy for life while eliminating mood swings, fatigue, sleep issues, gas, bloating, and tension.  I lost weight and gained balance.  Most importantly, I developed a healthy relationship with food. I no longer looked at food as the enemy.  I realized how vital food was for nourishing the body and mind & how great you could look and feel if you ate well. 

During school, I became pregnant with my son. I'm so grateful for my education at this crucial time in my life.  I had an extremely healthy, energetic and fit pregnancy. I was able to have a completely natural childbirth, a successful nursing experience, an extremely healthy child, and a bond that will last a lifetime. 

Nowadays, I feel better than ever.

I am positive, energetic, and passionate about life. I have clarity and abundance.  I seek balance, joy, and connection with nature.  I am incredibly grateful for my journey and use it as a guide to light the way for others.

My life's purpose is to learn, live and teach wellness to individuals who want more balance and intentional health in their lives.

XOXO -Krystal