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Work With Me

It takes a village. I want to be a part of YOUR village.



Work With Me

It takes a village. I want to be a part of YOUR village.


Krystal has a gentle, wise and pleasant way of understanding her client’s needs and somehow helps you find that motivation within yourself to implement those changes.
— Christie

work with me

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Vitality Program

You’re ready to completely revitalize your health and mindset and need consistent guidance + accountability to create new healthy habits. This program is personalized one-on-one coaching. Two months is the optimal amount of time to see, feel, and experience incredible results. May also include nutrition & lifestyle recommendations for infants, children and the whole family.

This program includes:

4 one-hour comprehensive sessions (may include reiki energy balancing)

Weekly accountability email check-ins with text support

Meal plans, recipes, shopping guides, handouts & more

Investment: $497

See January special below!

*All consultations can be done by phone, zoom or skype

jumpstart programs

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“Vital Body Mind” e-Course:

If you don’t feel that you need personalized coaching and want to do a program at your own pace, then the 6-week Vital Body Mind e-Course is for YOU. It is designed for women who want better health, energy, and mood, structure and accountability.  A holistic approach to wellness; includes nutrition, mindset, inspiration & accountability.

6-week e-course Includes:

  • Two 30-min one-on-one consults

  • Nutrition tips

  • Lifestyle medicine

  • New recipes

  • Personal reflection questions

  • Accountability homework

    Investment: $297

Sugar Detox:

If you need to jumpstart to healthy eating, then this detox is for YOU. This 14-day program is designed to strengthen the digestive & immune system, reduce inflammation, gain energy, improve sleep & boost mood. This program is for women who want to get back on track with a healthy diet & lifestyle, and break old habits with support and motivation.

Sugar Detox includes:

  • Detailed sugar detox booklet (pdf)

  • Unlimited email support

  • Meal plans & recipes

  • Mindfulness and lifestyle tips

  • Group support

  • Private Facebook group “Sugar Detox”

 Investment: $147

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Balanced Keto

Balanced Keto program is designed for ultimate brain boosting, fat blasting and metabolic cleansing. Balance, energy, appetite regulation, skin smoothing, better digestion, mood, sleep and zest for life! Balanced Keto Program Includes:

· Private Facebook group "Balanced Keto"

· Therapeutic Ketones (14-day supply)

· Comprehensive Balanced Keto Program

· Balanced Keto meal plans w/ recipes

· Mindfulness & lifestyle activities

Investment: $247


Initial Nutrition Consult:


* One 60-min consult w/ one email follow-up

* Complete health assessment, review of current medications, supplements and labs. Identifying underlying health concerns and creating nutrition, lifestyle and personal development goals.

* Written recommendations for your nutrition, lifestyle & supplement plan.

Investment: $135

Follow-up consult: $97/hour

Holistic Nutrition Consulting includes:

  • Complete Health Assessment

  • Identifying underlying health conditions & nutrient deficiencies

  • Management of chronic health conditions: autoimmune conditions, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, digestive disorders, pain & inflammation, migraines, PMS, fibromyalgia, arthritis, weight.

  • Recommendations & analyzing of labs from medical doctor

  • Whole-food nutrition plans personalized for you and your family

  • Gentle body, mind, emotion & environmental cleansing

  • Stress Management tools

  • Holistic tools: meditation, mindfulness, journaling, essential oils, personal development, deep breathing, reiki

  • Professional-grade supplements (if necessary)

  • Meal planning, shopping & efficient preparing

  • How to guide your children to eat what you eat & include meals the whole family will love

  • Accountability, inspiration, guidance and health education.

I am here to walk by you.

I will hold your hand when you need it; I will shed a tear when my heart touches yours; I will kick you your booty into gear when I know you're ready; I will let you go as you spread your wings and fly!

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January Special

This special is essentially the vitality package at a discounted rate for the month of January.

Cheers to new beginnings, new intentions, new rituals and new beliefs of self-love and compassion.