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Work With Me

 Are You Ready To Feel Whole Again?



Work With Me

 Are You Ready To Feel Whole Again?


holistic nutrition COUNSELING

Holistic nutrition consults include comprehensive and personalized services:

*Discussion of current (and past) diet, lifestyle, health concerns & family history            

*In-depth research and handouts of relevant health concerns and topics of interest

*Personalized and detailed recommendations- includes diet & lifestyle, targeted nutrients, herbal support, physical activity, relaxation techniques, stress management, psycho/emotional support

*Recommendations for standard labs to be ordered and analysis of lab work

This list of goodies is just that: a list of words, offers and facts. What truly sets my technique apart from others is my shiny, smiley personality, my open heart, my goofy jokes, my kind and gentle yet direct and honest nature, my obnoxiusly positive outlook on life, loads of education, motivation and holding you accountable to make lasting positive change in your personal, professional, academic and/or spiritual life.

I am here to walk by you.

I will hold your hand when you need it; I will shed a tear when my heart touches yours; I will kick you your booty into gear when I know you're ready; I will let you go as you spread your wings and fly! -Krystal, aka The Vital Mama

*All consultations are done by phone


Initial Nutrition Consult: $120

Follow-Ups: $80

Comprehensive Nutrition Packages

Accountability Package:

The Accountability package is designed for folks with who already live a healthy lifestyle and want limited support and accountability check-ins to stay on track.  Includes six monthly 30-minute check-ins to keep you healthy and motivated! I will provide support, guidance and ideas for long-term maintenance and success to live YOUR most VITAL life! Not designed for those with health concerns who need a more comprehensive and personalized approach to healing.

The Vitality Package:

The Vitality Package is a comprehensive program designed for root cause resolutions to health concerns, support, motivation and a personalized holistic (body, mind, emotions, environment) approach for YOUR overall health & wellness. This package includes the initial consultation, 3 (60-minute) follow-up sessions, 2 (15-minute) check-ins and email support as well as writeen recommendations for YOUR nutrition, supplement and lifestyle plan. Created for sustainable improvement of life and overall self-emplowerment.



The Vital Journey Detox:

This 14-day program is designed to jump start weight loss, eliminate toxins, strengthen the digestive & immune system, reduce inflammation & pain, gain energy and learn how to maintain healthy diet & lifestyle habits.  I use a very unique approach designed to fit YOUR needs. Includes a 30-min personalized consult, a detailed booklet (digital download), email check-ins and FB group support. Supplements purchased separately.




reiki treatments

Reiki can be done in person or via phone/Skype.
$75/55 min.

Reiki is an ancient universal energy healing technique that restores, balances and heals the body, mind and spirit.  Reiki releases energy blocks thus encouraging the body’s natural rhythms, vitality, strength and health.  Reiki supports healing of digestive issues, anxiety, depression, infertility, thyroid deficiencies, pain, inflammation, fears, traumas, etc.  It’s very beneficial to do in conjunction with nutrition counseling. Please see Reiki section on home page for further description.

"Receiving reiki has led to greater clarity, peacefulness, focus, and productivity. I somehow feel more myself than before, I’m centered and am more comfortable in my own skin, and find it easy to acknowledge and process my thoughts and feelings, without them causing distraction or stress." -Kim

Krystal has a gentle, wise and pleasant way of understanding her client’s needs and somehow helps you find that motivation within yourself to implement those changes.
— Christie



I respect that you are unique!

Customize Your Own Class

(3 person minimum) for a 1-hour class. $35/person

Don’t have the time or funds for one-on-one nutrition counseling?  

Request a customized class for you and your friends with similar interests or health concerns.  The class will be 45 minutes with a 15 minute Q & A to follow.  

Some topics include, weight management, eating for health, blood sugar balance, sleep hygiene, stress management/relaxation techniques, brain health, balancing hormones, etc.  

Class can be held online, at my office, in a reserved conference room or at a local park (if the weather is nice!).

Classes for Organizations
$75/hour (plus travel time if outside of 10 mile radius)

I can cover any topic of choice. GIve your visitors, clients and/or employees the gift of health education! I will create a fun and casual setting designed for connecting our communities and exploring new ways to view and prepare healthy foods.

I struggle daily with anxiety; some days are worse than others. I find it extremely hard to shut my brain off even when relaxing. Reiki brought me such a feeling of peace and relaxation that I have never really felt before.
— Bridget
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Congratulations on investing in YOU!

You are welcome to purchase services and packages with Paypal via the link below.

I also happily accept check, cash or credit card in person before your session.

When Paypal processes your payment, you will be able to attach a message regarding the purpose of your payment. Please include a message, so I will know what you are paying for. Thanks!